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Wynne Green

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I was active in AKC obedience since the age of 10. I successfully trained a collie and a pomeranian to competition level (no easy task for a pomeranian!).  I then took a break from dog training and spent my high school years training and competing  horses in the hunter/jumper ring . In 1989, when I was 16 I started teaching horseback riding lessons and continued to do so until 2005.  In that time I gained unique experience growing bonds and relationships between all different varieties of horses and riders.  Many of my horse/rider teams competed very successfully under my coaching.  Also, during this time period I was asked to instruct a dog training class through North Iowa Community College, which I happily did.  It was then that I realized how rewarding it was to help people turn a problematic pet into a valued member of the family.  In 2007, I became active in the sport of Schutzhund (canine obedience, tracking, and protection).  This experience and working with some of the top trainers in the United States and Germany broadened my perspective of how very much dogs are capable of.   In 2011, I qualified and competed in the USCA National Competition, and my dog and I were the top scoring team in the region.  While that was very fun and rewarding, my passion is really with helping people with normal every day dog questions and problems.  In my years of experience, I have worked with all types of people and all types of dogs, and I understand the partnership that is possible between individuals and their pets.


I offer services to provide easy and quick solutions to everyday dog problems and questions.  My goal is to help you make your dog the best family member he/she can be.

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