Fiduciary Statement



Our first priority is health and safety of all dogs in our care. That means being with them everyday, taking care of them, and making sure all problems are met with proper veterinary care if necessary.  We believe  dogs are meant to live with freedom so I work with a dog handler who has titled dogs in U.S.C.A. trials to make sure that are getting the exercise they need.

Our puppies are raised with constant supervision  and are interacted with daily with me and my family to make sure that you get a happy and healthy puppy.  Our breeding  program is Carefully selected to make sure that we are raising puppies with the highest possible standard. We will continually uphold this for every litter. 



We view our puppies not as a product, but more like your a family member. We are there to keep them happy,  healthy, and safe until they meet you. What we promise is an opportunity of unlimited potential for your dog. That is why we do mostly purebred;  most of our dogs have champion blood lines; our standards are high. We want to give you the best odds possible with your new family member.

Obviously there is no guarantee on anything because we don't guarantee life. We guarantee life and opportunity.